September, 2015

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Attractive New RTI Home Automation


Choosing an automation system doesn’t need to be hard, it just needs to be able to grow with you, and your budget. The RTI Home Automation system is most certainly the way to go if you plan to add to your system later. Want to control those lights a year down the road? No problem, just add the necessary components to the processor, reprogram the remote to include the new lights, and BLING! You’re controlling your lights! How about the garage door, the locks on the front door, want to see who’s ringing the door bell at the front door? Yep, RTI can do it.

Choosing a Home Theater Projector


After meeting with a client today, I was reminded of how many times excited electronics enthusiasts go out and buy a projector only to be heartbroken by it’s performance. “It’s washed out” they’ll tell me, or “the picture doesn’t blow me away like I thought”. Well, it’s not the projector’s fault. Like a tool, there’s a specific projector for the job and environment. Yes, that means you may have to spend a bit more money to get the job done right. Don’t let the guys at Best Buy fool you into buying what they think they can sell you. Remember, their only purpose in life is to make sales goals. Or, at least expect a crappy picture when you buy the cheapest projector you can find.

Lumens and contrast ratio’s are important numbers to help decide, although, may not be accurate between manufacturers. Also, the distance a projector can perform best at needs to be considered, especially if you need to mount the projector exactly where the ceiling fan lives…

Check out this informative guide in choosing a new projector.

Projector Guide