Attractive New RTI Home Automation


Choosing an automation system doesn’t need to be hard, it just needs to be able to grow with you, and your budget. The RTI Home Automation system is most certainly the way to go if you plan to add to your system later. Want to control those lights a year down the road? No problem, just add the necessary components to the processor, reprogram the remote to include the new lights, and BLING! You’re controlling your lights! How about the garage door, the locks on the front door, want to see who’s ringing the door bell at the front door? Yep, RTI can do it.

Choosing a Home Theater Projector


After meeting with a client today, I was reminded of how many times excited electronics enthusiasts go out and buy a projector only to be heartbroken by it’s performance. “It’s washed out” they’ll tell me, or “the picture doesn’t blow me away like I thought”. Well, it’s not the projector’s fault. Like a tool, there’s a specific projector for the job and environment. Yes, that means you may have to spend a bit more money to get the job done right. Don’t let the guys at Best Buy fool you into buying what they think they can sell you. Remember, their only purpose in life is to make sales goals. Or, at least expect a crappy picture when you buy the cheapest projector you can find.

Lumens and contrast ratio’s are important numbers to help decide, although, may not be accurate between manufacturers. Also, the distance a projector can perform best at needs to be considered, especially if you need to mount the projector exactly where the ceiling fan lives…

Check out this informative guide in choosing a new projector.

Projector Guide

Choosing a Security Camera System


 Electronic House

With so many different brand names, TVL’s,  camera packages, and HDD space, someone could get lost figuring out what they want in a camera system. In which case they’ll look at the dollar amount, and just settle for the cheapest one they can find at Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Costco, or whoever is nearby. Nobody shops for a doctor that way, and why not? Well when it comes to your life, you want the best there is, with the quickest recovery time so you can get back to doing what you want to do, enjoying your life. Important factors such as picture quality, brand, and warranty should play a larger role in your investment.

When choosing a camera system the quality of the picture should be considered. Don’t you want to be able to easily identify the perp trying to break into your window? Or would you settle for the pixelated “Mario” on the screen. I had a client tell me he wanted to be able to see how many bags of tile grout that was leaving his shop. There are only so many guys who work in there, so identifying people wasn’t the issue. But could you imagine trying to count how many bags were in a guys arms? What if he grabbed 4 bags for the job and 1 for himself? In this particular situation, it was obvious he needed a camera that wasn’t going to be bought at the local store. This may not be a typical situation, but certainly something to consider.

Search Google for surveillance camera and you’ll find an alphabetical list that’ll make you anxious. In doing some research some time ago, security hackers have found that more than a dozen popular brands on the net are vulnerable to internet hi-jackers. Check out forbes link here.  All due to software embedded in the DVR that comes with the system when you buy it. Would you want someone across the street accessing the camera’s above your bar cash register plotting when’s a good time to rob the place? Or for those home owners that like cameras in their living room, who else is watching your family go about their daily activities, knowing when they’re alone? Creepy, and may not even be likely, but when you put something on the internet, it’s possible.

To help narrow down your search, you’ll have warranty to deal with. Clients in the past have gone with the cheaper camera because they just wanted to be able to see their driveway, no real interest in security. Yet, 6 months later the screen is fuzzy. Now you’ll have to call the manufacturer and try to get them to send you a replacement camera, if they answer the phone. Let’s say you happen to get a camera free of charge, time to break out the ladder and swap out that camera. Sure it wasn’t hard, but who has time to worry about things like that? Shouldn’t it just work for years to come? And then the DVR goes south days after the warranty is up. Well, time to purchase a new system and swap it all out. In some cases people get lazy and have cameras mounted all over the place, making them that ugly house in the neighborhood with wires hanging everywhere. Companies like ICRealtime, and their sister company ClearViewCCTV have warranties that last 7 years or better! And aren’t on the list of internet hackable DVR’s either.

In all, choosing a system properly is important. Don’t get botched by the surveillance start-up company with the attractive $99 special. Do yourself and your family a favor by doing some research, and calling an A/V professional for advice on a system that will work best for you.

Plan on building your own surround sound system?


Check out this link from EH magazine

It’s inspiring to see someone with enough determination to create something they’ll love, even if it takes a long time. With the new DIY home automation products coming in by the train load, it would be interesting to see how Mr. Greg adds them to his system.
In addition to the time requirement of building a DIY system, another variable is whether or not it gets finished. I’m my own worst critic. I push and preach to finish a job completely with no loose ends to a client, but my own house has an unfinished deck. :( You know the saying, a painters house is ugly, mechanics car doesn’t run, TV guys TV is crooked. Another disadvantage of DIY is that you’ll miss out on some of the best products you’ll ever get your hands on. RTI for example is an awesome system that you can grow with. What kind of remote is Mr. Greg using? After spending $11,000 on all those fine products, I’m sure he wouldn’t cheap out and be satisfied with the CLICKR-5 from the cable company… right?? Who build’s a sports car from the ground up only to put in the cheapest filter, belts and tires?
For DIY people, this is yet another project you can gain satisfaction from, and if finished, you’ll always be proud of it. But don’t miss out on contacting some of your local A/V companies to see if they’d be willing to work along your progress and install a control system to really put the spot light on your home theatre.

TV Mounting Services | Best Buy geeks have nothing like this!

Why would you trust your expensive 4K television and electronics to a highschool graduate from Best Buy who you’ll never see again if something goes wrong? Leave your TV installation to the REAL pro with over 14 yrs in the construction field and a lifetime in electronics!


This (above) Full Motion Mount sits flush with the wall for the best look and easily pulls away for a better viewing experience. Those other cheap full motion mounts advertised from Monoprice, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart all leave the TV over 4 INCHES away from the wall! Who wants that monstrosity hanging in their living room? (see below)



When compared to something like this (below) your home will look like it should be something out of a magazine!



Just ask yourself, “Which mount would I think looks better in my home?”

Event Space with Audio Visual at Hampton Inn Swansboro


This Hampton Inn in Swansboro required the installation of a 6 speaker in-ceiling audio system, remote connection for laptop or other device, and a 60″ TV with full motion mount. DSC_0467

Users won’t need to stand in the way since the connections to the TV and soon-to-be ceiling projector are on the countertop along with a volume knob for control making this Event Space in Swansboro worth the rent!


This powerful Episode amplifier can power up to 8 more additional speakers if necessary. For users who want an even better sound, there are ceiling subwoofers and tuned and ported speakers.

Be sure to plan your next meeting at the Hampton Inn in Swansboro to take advantage of this system!


Origin Acoustics Speakers Sound Great!


Surround Sound Installer Emerald Isle NC

Origin Acoustics Reviews

Finally had an opportunity to try out these Origin Acoustics D64 ceiling speakers. These are the smallest of the Director series that they offer. In my opinion (sound is subjective, so take all this with a grain of salt) they sound good compared to Episode 700 series point speakers. The Origins at times have more detailed highs, but not all the time. I listened to them for about an hour (obviously not long enough) and wife and I both felt that they sounded good. I felt like they are more on par with the Episodes but maybe it’s because I’m excited that I got something new to try. My wife on the other hand felt that they didn’t compare with the Episodes, and she doesn’t care about speakers, or electronics, or other nonsense at all. Talk about unbiased. I couldn’t leave them in the ceiling because the point speakers are a larger hole. I literally had the Origins sitting on top of the sheetrock and held up with a paint stick. With an MSRP of $399 for the Episodes and MSRP of $290 for the Origins, these speakers do quite well for themselves. It certainly is an unfair comparison, as I’m used to the Episodes, and I’m thinking that these Origin’s (being cheaper) would sound less than expected. However, I’m impressed and look forward to hearing the next 2 tiers of the D60 series. If I had the opportunity, I’d go with the Kevlar woofer D80 series. The 8″ woofer is sure to shake the house and sound great when I’m watching Superman, or Pacific Rim, and that’s not including the sub! Overall, I’m glad I landed a distributor that carries Origin Acoustics. I’ll be sure to use them at my next opportunity.

System Specs:

Marantz SR5800

Episode In-Wall Sub with dual 8″ woofers and 500 watt amp

Samsung 55″ LED

Audio/Video Company in Emerald Isle, NC

Flat Screen Mounting NC

Audio/Video Company in Emerald Isle, NC

Working with builders such as Greg Hall with Ace Builders ,Chuck Jordan with Jordan Building Company, and Mike Alden with Builder by the Sea, homeowners in Emerald Isle, NC and surrounding areas can have a professional builder and professional A/V installation company all working together to ensure your investment is scalable and ready to take on your ever-changing electronic lifestyle. While you are planning the layout of your home, why not have your home prewired for surveillance cameras, multiple audio zones, control system touchscreens by RTI, motorized shades, electronic door locks, and a robust wireless network. Imagine coming to your home and the walkway lights coming on for you automatically, the HVAC has been operating and adjusting to the correct temperature by the time you walk in the door. Think of the energy that could be saved if your Lutron shades automatically adjusted with the rising and setting of the sun, keeping cool or warm air in your home when you want it, and lights that dim and turn off automatically saving you even more on your electric bill. Flat Screen Mounting is the only company where the owner is available from the design phase, installation, programming, and long-term support of your electronics systems. Your dream home is a phone call away!

Surveillance Camera Man Jacksonville NC


Keep an eye on your property away from home using your phone,tablet or any computer. We are proud to offer a range of products that fit your needs and budget. ICRealtime  has camera systems with an unheard of 10 year warranty! Their sister company ClearView, has the same technology as ICRealtime, but with a 7 year warranty at a fraction of the cost.

Home Necessities that wow your friends AND save you money


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