Slim Mount Makes this LG Ultra HD Display look great!



At only half an inch from the wall, this LG 4K TV installation required a back-box installed into the wall so that the power cable and HDMI cables would fit behind it. Long Binary HDMI cables are routed to a closet where the 4k Upscaling Panasonic Bluray player , Time Warner cable box, and cable modem hide. Remote control is operated by a Vanco IR system. No future projects for this installation since the man-cave in this Swansboro home is where the good stuff gets installed. This may include a 5.1 Kef Speaker system, ,Onkyo TX-NR 636 with Dolby Atmos, an Episode dual 8″ in-wall sub, URC remote control system, and Lutron lighting control and Shades.

Lutron Shades and Lighting. Budget Blinds can’t do this!

It’s just a window crank right,  Just reach over and crank the window down…. said somebody years ago as electric windows in cars were coming out…  Well what about today? The average family is more connected than ever. With iPhone’s in everyone’s pocket, iPads under your arm and wireless internet coming in from all directions, Why wouldn’t you want to be able to control your shades and lights the same way you do the TV,  garage door, or your surveillance cameras? They’re even energy efficient, and once programmed, could possibly save you money on your electric bill.  Once you have Lutron Sivoia QS shades and Lutron Radio Ra 2 Lighting  installed in your home or office, you’ll never look back! Combined with a Programmable URC remote control system, you can have your shades go down automatically at Sunset and the lights come on just before you get home from work.  You can even control them from your phone when you’re away from home. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get out of the dark ages!

Luxul XAP-1500 Wireless Access Point

Increase your WIFI Coverage in your home with a Wireless Access Point by Luxul. Made for commercial spaces or large homes, this device can cover over 4000 square feet. My wifi in my home really suffered until I installed one of these. Now I can surf the web in my neighbors driveway across the street and all the way into the back yard! The broad cast is hidden and encrypted, so we’re not worried about intruders. No more issues connecting to wireless! Amazon has them at full MSRP. Call or email me if you’re interested in having one of these cheaper than Amazon!

URC MX-1200 Programmable Remote

An awesome customizable remote. Able to input any graphic, even animated ones if you're savvy enough. Able to control the 2 zone system, thermostat and lights!

Atlantic Beach Condo Flat Screen Mounting

Mrs. Jamie's 47" looks good in this beach condo. What you can't see are the wires hidden in the wall. Future projects may include in-ceiling speakers or in-wall speakers for surround sound.

Atlantic Beach TV Installation