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Origin Acoustics Reviews

Finally had an opportunity to try out these Origin Acoustics D64 ceiling speakers. These are the smallest of the Director series that they offer. In my opinion (sound is subjective, so take all this with a grain of salt) they sound good compared to Episode 700 series point speakers. The Origins at times have more detailed highs, but not all the time. I listened to them for about an hour (obviously not long enough) and wife and I both felt that they sounded good. I felt like they are more on par with the Episodes but maybe it’s because I’m excited that I got something new to try. My wife on the other hand felt that they didn’t compare with the Episodes, and she doesn’t care about speakers, or electronics, or other nonsense at all. Talk about unbiased. I couldn’t leave them in the ceiling because the point speakers are a larger hole. I literally had the Origins sitting on top of the sheetrock and held up with a paint stick. With an MSRP of $399 for the Episodes and MSRP of $290 for the Origins, these speakers do quite well for themselves. It certainly is an unfair comparison, as I’m used to the Episodes, and I’m thinking that these Origin’s (being cheaper) would sound less than expected. However, I’m impressed and look forward to hearing the next 2 tiers of the D60 series. If I had the opportunity, I’d go with the Kevlar woofer D80 series. The 8″ woofer is sure to shake the house and sound great when I’m watching Superman, or Pacific Rim, and that’s not including the sub! Overall, I’m glad I landed a distributor that carries Origin Acoustics. I’ll be sure to use them at my next opportunity.

System Specs:

Marantz SR5800

Episode In-Wall Sub with dual 8″ woofers and 500 watt amp

Samsung 55″ LED

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