Plan on building your own surround sound system?


Check out this link from EH magazine

It’s inspiring to see someone with enough determination to create something they’ll love, even if it takes a long time. With the new DIY home automation products coming in by the train load, it would be interesting to see how Mr. Greg adds them to his system.
In addition to the time requirement of building a DIY system, another variable is whether or not it gets finished. I’m my own worst critic. I push and preach to finish a job completely with no loose ends to a client, but my own house has an unfinished deck. :( You know the saying, a painters house is ugly, mechanics car doesn’t run, TV guys TV is crooked. Another disadvantage of DIY is that you’ll miss out on some of the best products you’ll ever get your hands on. RTI for example is an awesome system that you can grow with. What kind of remote is Mr. Greg using? After spending $11,000 on all those fine products, I’m sure he wouldn’t cheap out and be satisfied with the CLICKR-5 from the cable company… right?? Who build’s a sports car from the ground up only to put in the cheapest filter, belts and tires?
For DIY people, this is yet another project you can gain satisfaction from, and if finished, you’ll always be proud of it. But don’t miss out on contacting some of your local A/V companies to see if they’d be willing to work along your progress and install a control system to really put the spot light on your home theatre.

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